How to Amend ROE?

  1. To amend an ROE go to ROE List (Compliance > ROE > List) .
  2. [Amend] link is given against ROEs with Issued status.
  3. ROE data can be updated with following constraints.
    1. Enter Serial Number of ROE Amended or Replaced in box [2].
      1. This is the serial number of original ROE provided by Service Canada, if ROE is submitted by SimplePay you can find this number in ROE print available in ROE List, Unmask data to see View link in ROE list.
    2. Dates of ROE cannot be changed due to system constraints.
    3. SIN of employee should be same as in original ROE.
  4. After making required changes, press Amend button.
  5. If ROE is managed by SimplePay, press Submit for ROE Web button, if you manage ROEs yourself, go to ROE Web page and generate ROE Web file and submit to Service Canada.