How to Adjust Closed Payroll?

In this guide you will learn how to adjust closed payroll.

  1. Select pay period you want to adjust
    1. Select pay period in Payroll page you want to adjust.
    2. [Adjust Payroll] link will be shown once direct deposit for the period is processed.
  2. Click on [Adjust Payroll] link, Payroll Adjustment page will be loaded.
  3. Click on Add/Remove Employees link on top left as shown in image below, popup window will open
  4. Select employees and press Add button for whom you want to adjust payroll data
  5. Close popup window after employee selection, it will reload page.
  6. Employees will be loaded with previously entered data, in data entry panel.
  7. User can make any adjustments to data and press Calculate Payroll button
  8. Payroll will be calculated with new data
  9. There is Post Entry button, adjustments will take effect after Post Entry button is pressed.
  10. Posting Adjustment Entry will
    1. Overwrite all previous entries for employees in loaded period i.e. Payroll, Remittance(s), Year End filing, Reports etc.
    2. You CANNOT make adjustment entry over already adjusted payroll.
    3. Once adjustment entry is posted, you CANNOT edit adjusted data.
  11. If you calculate adjustment Entry but do not post the entry, you will not be allowed to process your open periods.
  12. Companies for which remittance method is Cash, If payroll is processed but not closed, you will not be allowed to calculate adjustment entry.
  13. After adjustment is posted, it will overwrite data for adjusted employees throughout application.
  14. You can view the adjustments in Remittance screens i.e. CRA Remittance, RQ Remittance.
  15. Adjusted remittance is incorporated in current open remittance period.
  16. User can view adjustment report to view original and adjusted data.
  17. Employee Name font color is Black for original record and Red for adjusted record.