Integration with 7Shifts   

Overview: This guide will help with:
1. Obtaining an API Key from 7Shifts
2. Configure 7Shifts
3. Import Employees from 7Shifts
4. Sync employees
5. Import timesheet into SimplePay

Obtaining an API Key

1. In 7Shifts, login to your account.

2. Mouse over ‘Account Setting’  
3. Click ‘Company Settings’.

4. Click the ‘API’ tab  
5. Generate and copy API key

Configure 7Shifts API
1. In SimplePay, go to Add-Ons>7Shifts>Setup

2. Enter/Paste API key.
3. Press ‘Save’ 

Import employees from 7Shifts
1. Go to Add-Ons>7Shifts>Import Data
2. Under ‘Manage Employees’ panel, employees in 7Shifts not imported in SimplePay are listed
3. Click ‘Import Employees’
4. Editable employee data loaded
5. Select Employees to import
6. Make any changes required, and ‘Save’
7. Hourly pay rate is also imported from 7Shifts and added in Salary Profile in SImplePay when the employee is imported. 
If rate changes, it will be required to be updated in Simplepay salary profile manually by the user.
8. Selected employees will be imported into SimplePay
9. Timesheet for employees imported from 7Shifts can be downloaded now.

Link Employee[s] between 7Shifts and SimplePay
1. If employees already exist in both apps, use ‘Link Employees’ to connect them
2. Select employees from 7Shifts and SimplePay dropdown
3. Click ‘Link Employee(s)’     
4. Linked employees’ timesheets can be downloaded now.   

Timesheets Data Import from 7Shifts

1. Go to Add-Ons>7Shifts>Import Data
2. Select ‘Pay Period’ [if applicable]     
3. Date range for import     
4. Click ‘Import Data’     
5. Hours from 7Shifts will be imported as Regular Hours.     
6. To review data imported, go to Payroll and Timesheet screens.