Integration with Quickbooks

In this guide you will complete the following steps:
1. Set Type of Integration
2. Online Integration
1. Connect to Quickbooks
         2. Account Setting
3.    Export Data
3. Desktop Integration
1.    Account Setting
2.    Create File

A.   In SimplePay To Get Started Go To Add-Ons >> Quickbooks >> Account Settings

A. Connect To Quickbooks
    I.    System Will Redirect To Quickbooks, Login With Your Quickbooks User Details
    II.    Quickbooks Will Ask To Allow Access To SimplePay.

B. Account Setting
I.  Accounts Created At Quickbooks Will Be Available Now In SimplePay Accounts Settings Page
II.   Select Appropriate Accounts Against The Required Heads And Press Save Settings Button.

C. Export Data
I.   Load Export Data Page Add-Ons >> Quickbooks >> Export Data .

II.  Employee Data Will Be Exported As Journal Entry And Department Data Will Be          
Exported As Bill
III.  To View Journal Entry
a. I. Log Into Quickbooks
b. II.  Click Reports On Left
C. III. Write Journal In Search Box
d. IV. Click On Journal To View Detailed Transactions.


IV.  To View Bill Transactions.
a. I.   Click On Expenses To View Bill Transactions.

A.  Account Setting

B.  Create File
I. Load Export Data Page Add-Ons >> Quickbooks >> Export Data .
II. You Can Create File By Selecting Pay Period Type And Pay Period End Date/ Date Range.