Toggl Guide

Overview: This guide will complete the following steps:
1. Configure Toggl API
2. Import employees from Toggl
3. Link Employee[s]
4. Unlink Employee[s]
5. Data import from Toggl

Configure Toggl API

1. Login to SimplePay
2. Go to Add-Ons >Toggl >Setup

3. Enter Toggl login details.
4. Click Save.

Import employees from Toggl
1. In SimplePay, go to Add-Ons>Toggl >Import Data.

2. [Manage Employees panel] Employees in Toggl not imported in SimplePay will be listed here
3. Click Import Employees
4. All employees will be loaded in an editable form
5. Select employees to import
6. Make any changes required and click Save
7. Employees imported into SimplePay. Go to Employee>List or payroll screen to review.
8. Timesheet is ready for import from Toggl.

Link employees between Toggl & SimplePay               
If employees already exist in both apps at the time of connecting, use Link Employees to connect them

1. Select employee[s] under SimplePay list and Toggl list
2. Click Link Employee[s] button
3. Successfully linked employees will have green border around their droplists

Unlink employees   
To unlink SimplePay employee with Toggl

1. Select employee in SimplePay list.
2. Set [--] in Toggl list
3. Click Link Employee[s].  

  Timesheets import from Toggl

 1. Go to AddOns>Scheduling & Time>Toggl>Import Data
2. Select pay period [in case of multiple options].
3. Available date range for Timesheet import listed.
4. Select import format
5. Click Import Data
6. Status message will be displayed
7. To review data imported, go to Payroll > Timesheets