Integration with WorkflowMAX

In this guide you will complete the following steps:

  1. Configure WorkflowMAX API
  2. Employee Import from WorkflowMAX
  3. Link Employee(s)
    1. Configure WorkflowMAX API
      1. Login to SimplePay account.
      2. Go to Add-Ons >> WorkflowMAX
      3. Enter Account Key and API Key (Request WorkflowMAX for Account Key and API Key).
      4. Press Save Settings button.
    2. Employee Import from WorkflowMAX
      1. Load WorkflowMAX page in SimplePay, and go to Import Data Tab.
      2. Under Manage Employees panel, number of employees created in WorkflowMAX will be listed which are not imported in SimplePay.
      3. Click on Import Employees button.
      4. Employees data will be loaded in editable form.
      5. Select Employees which you want to import.
      6. Make any required changes and press Save data button.
      7. Employees will be imported into SimplePay.
      8. Timesheet will be imported for ONLY those employees/staff who are imported from WorkflowMAX.
    3. Link Employee(s) between WorkflowMAX and SimplePay
      1. Select employee(s) from WorkflowMAX and SimplePay dropdown
      2. Click Link Employee(s) button.
    4. Data Import in SimplePay
      1. Load WorkflowMAX page in SimplePay.
      2. Load Import Data page from top right of the page.
      3. Select pay period type (in case of multiple pay period types in company).
      4. Available date range for Timesheet data import is given.
      5. Press import data button to import timesheets from WorkflowMAX.
      6. Status message will be displayed for Timesheet imports.
      7. You can check the imported timesheet data in Payroll page and Timesheet page.
      8. If more than 24 hours have been entered in WorkflowMAX for single day, SimplePay will discard Timesheet record which exceeds daily limit of 24 hours.