Zoho Books & SimplePay integration guide

For Zoho export, complete the following steps:

  1. Connect Zoho
  2. Account Setting
  3. Export SimplePay Data to Zoho
    1. Connect Zoho
      1. Login to your SimplePay account.
      2. Go to Add-Ons >> Zoho Books >> Account Settings >> API Setting
      3. Connect with Zoho.
      4. Click on the link " Click here " in the message. You will now be forwarded to the Zoho site to authenticate and provide permission for SimplePay account. Login with your Zoho credentials.
      5. Once authorised, you'll be directed back to the SimplePay and given the option to synchronize your Zoho chart of accounts with SimplePay.
      6. If there are multiple organizations under one account, you must select one Organization to connect with your SimplePay account.
    2. Account Setting in your SimplePay account.
      1. Load Account Setting page.
      2. Chart of Accounts imported from Zoho Books will be populated and in drop-down.
      3. Select corresponding accounts and press Save button
    3. Export Your SimplePay Account Data to Zoho.
      1. Load Export data page Add-Ons >> Zoho Books >> Export Data.
      2. You can export your SimplePay account data to Zoho by selecting pay period type and pay period end date/ date range.
      3. Select Due date (Payroll is exported in Zoho as Bill, it is the due date for Bill)
      4. You can export Payroll and/or Taxes records in following formats
        1. Single entry for the pay period
        2. Group by Expense Category for the pay period (Employees can be grouped in Expense Categories in Employee Setup page)
        3. Group by Department for the pay period (Employees can be grouped in Department in Employee Setup page)
        4. Separate entry for each employee in the pay period
        5. Combined entry for all selected pay periods
      5. Press Export to Zoho Books button
      6. Your SimplePay account will send Zoho all transactions in selected date range/pay period.
      7. Now the next time you log into Zoho Books, Click on Accountant >> Manual Journals on left sidebar and you will see a list of bills
      8. Click on this Bill to view detailed transactions.