SimplePay features clearly defined size proportional pricing with no hidden fees or fixed base charges

Calculate cost of processing employee payroll

  • Cost / employee / payroll$2 [1-20 employees]
  • Cost / employee / payroll$1.5 [21st employee & up]
  • Exception: Weekly paid employees$1
  • Direct Deposit File charges$5 / pay run
    • Employees by direct deposit
    • Employees by cheque
    • Payroll frequency
  • "Contact us for a custom quote"
    416.363.2226 x1
  • ADD: Other Charges

    These are 'event based' and are added to invoice only if the event occurs

    Remittance by SimplePay to $5 / remittance processed
  • CRA
  • Revenu Quebec
  • EHT
  • ROE processed by SimplePay $3 / ROE issued
    Statutory Holiday calculator $5 / pay run [charged only if used]

    Compliance: Some compliance documents are charged @ $1 when generated like:
  • Self Managed PD7
  • WSIB Annual Form
  • Custom generated TD forms
  • Self Managed ROE
  • At the year end:
    T4 / RL1 Summary $25 / year
    T4 / RL1 Slip $2 / employee / year


    Although there is no fixed base charge, minimum invoice pricing is applicable. What does minimum invoicing mean?

  • If the invoice generated is less than $10, a minimum charge of $10 will be applied.
  • Exception: If payroll frequency is weekly, minimum invoice is $5
  • There is no 'carrying cost' for an inactive account i.e. if a payroll is submitted with no activity, $0 invoice will be generated.
  • Subscription Includes


    Add-ons [except NetSuite]


    Ownership and full control over your data


    Free and unlimited Support

    Multi User

    Multiple users for Account Sharing