• Toronto, ON
    LIVECA provides fixed-fee accounting solutions for all Canadians. We're the largest online and paperless CA firm in Canada and love working with awesome online apps like SimplePay.
    Our approach is simple; you tell us where you'd like to go and we'll help you get there.
    With the wide range of online tools available, our goal is to help clients shift their accounting towards an online digital platform - reducing the need to search through piles of paper documents and spending more time on value-added work.
    Whether you are setting out with a new idea or are already an established entrepreneur, we would love to speak to you about bringing your business online and taking care of your accounting and tax needs.
  • Toronto, ON
    BAY ST CPA is an innovative Chartered Accountant and Business Management Services firm. We believe in utilizing technology to bring efficiency to your business.
    We help our clients increase revenue and reduce costs resulting in increased profits from both ends.
  • Toronto, ON
    Chartered Accountant with a personal approach and the skills & expertise to help boost your bottom line. Accounting & tax services combined with software like SimplePay to grow your business.
    I have keen interests in entrepreneurship and technology and I transfer these passions to my role by going beyond the numbers when assessing each client situation. What is the best tax strategy to maximize profits? How can technology improve record keeping? Such questions are just the beginning of the process to determine how to optimize a client's situation. Building strong relationships and helping clients reach their objectives is the cornerstone of my practice. You can rest assured that you will be receiving quality professional service at a reasonable rate- contact me to start a conversation!
  • Georgetown, ON
    GBA LLP Chartered Professional Accountants delivers innovative, proactive solutions specifically catered to their clients. Whether you are more comfortable with a ''Bricks and Mortar'' GTA firm or being serviced in the ''Cloud'' our firm has fixed-fee solutions that serve you and your accounting and tax needs.
    Satisfaction guaranteed is just one example of how we put our clients first. We love technology, like SimplePay.ca, and we leverage technology to your advantage. Using technology allows us to add more value and feedback to you and your business - which in turn allows you to pay less tax and make more money.
    Visit our website to watch a short video to see why our clients from all over the world love us. Then give us a call and book a free meeting (in-person, on the phone or by Skype) to see for yourself how GBA is different.
  • The StoryTelling BeanCounter believes there's a story behind the financial numbers of a business so we provide technology tools and solutions to
    help extract and relate the financial story behind the numbers through narrative reporting and financial storytelling.
    We aim to make it easy for business owners to understand, appreciate and interpret these numbers to make proactive, informed decisions. Numbers, no matter how compelling, won't speak for themselves. They need to be explained in light of a company's visions and goals.
    And that's where we come in. We help you compile your financial information and take the time to explain to you what the numbers really mean. As a service provider focusing on practice and financial management solutions for small and medium businesses, we help customers select, integrate and use online technology solutions to improve business efficiency and achieve business goals and objectives with narrative reporting and financial storytelling. We combine online business technology tools to help increase productivity and improve profitability, and ultimately unfold the business success story.
  • Montreal, QC
    AF Accounting is a contemporary accounting firm that provides a complete suite of accounting expertise to professionals, small and medium businesses.
    Our mission is to enable financial growth by strengthening our client's foundation and by optimizing their accounting. We believe in simplifying the accounting process by effectively leveraging technology. We achieve such by serving small and medium businesses, start-up companies, consultants and professionals.
    Our team has acquired a reputation for pristine quality of service. Our accountants are proficient and most importantly, always deliver the best outcomes for our clients. Our commitment to excellence will ensure that Together we grow.
  • Montreal, QC
  • Montreal, QC
    Xen Accounting looks to modernize the boring world of accounting by bringing it online and into the future.
    As a registered professional CPA, CA firm, Xen
    Accounting is an online accounting firm, exclusively tailored for micro businesses, consultants and freelancers who are always connected and always on the move. We are geared towards offering our services 100% virtually to not only make the accounting process more convenient but to also give business owners access to real time financial information. No more waiting until after year-end to see how your company has performed. And say goodbye to being charged by the hour. Xen Accounting charges a fixed fee monthly subscription. Each package includes everything a micro business needs, like, unlimited consultation from a CPA, CA, cloud accounting software, financial statements, corporate tax return and more. Through the use of technology and forward thinking, Xen Accounting is ready to move accounting out of the dark ages. Xen Accounting... accounting for the future...
  • Vancouver, BC
    Allegria Business Services Inc. is a bookkeeping and accounting software training company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
    Allegria's philosophy is that a bookkeeper and trainer should not just provide expertise, but should also be a loyal and dedicated member of a team.
  • Vancouver, BC
    Work with us from anywhere in Canada, securely, with access to the best support and advice when you need it.
    You'll also get the world's best cloud accounting software to help you stay more productive, and better informed every day of the week. Accounting Anywhere, Anytime
  • Vancouver, BC
    We are your trusted backoffice team. Leverage our experience so you can focus on growing your business. We offer a variety of services including bookkeeping, payroll services, receivables and payables management, and document management.
  • Abbotsford, BC
    Clearbridge is an integrated business support company that handles financial systems and payroll processing for multiple clients.
    We are a technology-forward company who finds and tests the best tools like SimplePay to make accounting as streamlined as possible. We are unique in our paperless processes that allow you to work anywhere in the world.
    We specialize in helping businesses run better and more efficiently so you can focus on running the core parts of your business.
  • Blackmere Brothers Accounting Corporation is a small family-owned business. We specialize in helping companies just like ours organize their accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and more.
    If you're looking to offload all the work to us, we're happy to operate as your accounting department for hire. Should you wish to do your own books, but just need help with filing your corporate tax return, we're here to help. We have the experience required to navigate the difficulties of dealing with the CRA. Give us a call to see how we can help you.
  • In my bookkeeping practice I utilize SimplePay as my Canadian Payroll Add-on for the Xero Cloud Computing Platform. Integration from SimplePay to Xero is a breeze.
    My goal is to provide my customers with the best possible experience utilizing state of the art technology and be their trusted financial advisor. Support for small business is my specialty. I invite you to visit my website for more information.
  • Edmonton, AB
    Above Studio 1 is a consultancy with expertise in numerous best of class cloud based business applications including Xero, WorkflowMax, and Deputy.
    We're members of the Apple Consultants Network and Consulting Accountants and can help you revolutionize the way your business runs.
  • Calgary, AB
    An Alberta - based bookkeeping service provider with an experienced accounting and business consulting team. We relieve our clients of the stresses involved in the accurate financial reporting and running or their business, and put them in control by using the latest cloud based accounting programs such as SimplePay.
    We understand what your time's worth. Tasks a bookkeeper performs - such as tax reporting and tax filings, maintaining a ledger and bank reconciliation - all consume valuable minutes and hours. In this day and age, losing this time to your books is unnecessary. Time is money. You could be - and should be - investing more effort in managing and growing your business. In each and every case, we discuss our clients companies and their needs, then set up the best systems available to make bookkeeping work as simple and as quick as possible. We offer as much or as little bookkeeping support as is needed for each unique customer.
  • Toronto, ON
    Baranov CPA are Canadian eCommerce accountants helping online sellers with systems integrations, sales taxes, and complex accounting processes.
    We work with numbers from selling platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Stripe, PayPal, and Clickfunnels. Whether you are selling digital or physical products online, we will help you manage your finances using our specialized knowledge of the eCommerce industry.
  • Integral Accounting Inc. Chartered Professional Accountant is a boutique firm focusing on the intersection of accounting and technology.
    We provide outsourced CFO/Controller services and cloud accounting implementation support to non-profit organizations, local governments, and small businesses that want to use modern technology to transform their accounting and finance function.

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