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  • 2 Integrated apps translate into efficiency and productivity gains for Globalme


    Globalme is a language technologies company. The company strives for efficiency and highly values high tech solutions which eliminated unnecessary overhead. After using QuickBooks for many years, the company wanted a fresher and leaner solution

    The Challenge
    Being a translation and localization company, Globalme works with a lot of vendors and customers around the globe. The company manages project related financial data for customers and vendors using a project management system.. Payroll is done using the cloud provider Transferring the data between these systems required manual work which did not fit in the companies lean management strategy and Globalme started looking for a solution.

    The company first evaluated integration options with Quickbooks and found it to be too cumbersome. Emre said �We were happy with Quickbooks, it is mature and featureful. However it is bulky. Even a simple integration seemed very complicated so we started looking elsewhere�.

    The company evaluated a few systems (see the comparison at Emre�s blog). They wanted an online accounting system that provides an easy API and supports the tools that they currently use.

    The Solution
    Xero fit the bill nicely since it supported integration with the payroll system that the company was already using, and the API was very easy to use. According to Globalme, its payroll system, SimplePay is �the only true �do it yourself� service available in Canadian market�.

    After a couple months of testing and evaluation, Globalme switched to using Xero as their accounting system as of January 2012. With the integration with their project management system, the company was able to connect the financial data between the two systems. Bills are transferred to the accounting system automatically, so does the invoices. With the existing support for Xero, connecting payroll information to accounting was as easy as a couple of clicks. When the company runs payroll using, financial data makes its way to Xero instantly.

    The Benefits of Xero +
    According to Emre Akkas, founder of Globalme ,�Via integration, we eliminated the tasks that nobody wants to do. Payroll and accounting are more fun than ever before!�

    - Payroll, deductions, tax data and more transferred automatically from to Xero
    - Zero paper use through Simplepay�s integrated tax filing features
    - Reconciliation simplified by auto matching

    The integration started saving time for the company right away as the staff no longer needs to do the manual data transfer. Learning curve was simple since both Xero and user interfaces are intuitive and easy to use. Emre reported that the direct connection reduced the time spent on transferring data between different systems by up to 80%.

    �This is just a beginning and we are very satisfied with the results� says Emre. �We want to develop additional integrations with other systems that we use to further automate our accounting needs�.

    About Globalme

    Globalme Localization is a language technologies company with operations in Canada and the US. The company provides integrated translation services for print, web, media and software products. Found in 2007, Globalme serves clients around the globe and have experienced +50% growth each year including 2011.

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    09 Jul 2012