• EDR update

    Option added to separately set Federal and Provincial deductions when creating custom earnings.

    05 Feb 2020

  • New ROE adjustment option added

    Previously, ROE could only be edited if the underlying payroll data was edited. Now, all adjustments can be done in the ROE directly without changing any underlying payroll giving users more flexibility and adjustment options at time of filing.

    16 May 2019

  • French language option expanded

    Stub language, previously only available for all employees, is now customizable at the individual employee level.

    04 Mar 2019

  • Employee type option added

    New option when adding a new employee; Choose a regular employee for payroll, or an employee only for T4/RL1 reporting. Later option does not list in payroll. Data is added as Year-to-Date and T4/RL1 generated and added to T4 Summary / RL1 Summary.

    19 Feb 2019

  • Email T4A and RL1 Slips

    Feature added to email T4A and RL1 Slips directly to employee from within the system. All employee compliance are password protected. Password instructions included in the email.

    04 Feb 2019

  • Account Activation and Cancel revamped

    Activating account redesigned with penny test, and online PAD digital signature option. Cancelling an account no longer requires downloading a form and emailing. Fill online, sign digitally, and opt for permanently deleting your data.

    02 Jul 2018

  • Interface to manage employee import / export between Addons

    In all Timesheet Addons that import data for employees into SimplePay, the only way to activate each employee is to import / export from one system to the other. This creates a problem when the employees exist in both systems at time of connecting the addons. 
    This interface manages dis / connecting employees between addons without requiring employee import / export

    05 Feb 2018

  • Password added to emailed pay stubs

    Optional password added to emailed stubs. Set it up from Settings-General menu under Stub panel

    10 Oct 2017

  • AB Statutory Holiday patch

    Statutory holiday calculations for Alberta business operating as continuous operations patched; Holiday falling in a weekend does not move to next business day

    29 Sep 2017

  • T4 / RL1 Slip password protected

    Emailed compliance documents to employees from TaxSlips password protected. Password is a combination of digits from employee SIN + year of birth. 

    21 Feb 2017