• Account Activation and Cancel revamped

    Activating account redesigned with penny test, and online PAD digital signature option. Cancelling an account no longer requires downloading a form and emailing. Fill online, sign digitally, and opt for permanently deleting your data.

    02 Jul 2018

  • Interface to manage employee import / export between Addons

    In all Timesheet Addons that import data for employees into SimplePay, the only way to activate each employee is to import / export from one system to the other. This creates a problem when the employees exist in both systems at time of connecting the addons. 
    This interface manages dis / connecting employees between addons without requiring employee import / export

    05 Feb 2018

  • Password added to emailed pay stubs

    Optional password added to emailed stubs. Set it up from Settings-General menu under Stub panel

    10 Oct 2017

  • AB Statutory Holiday patch

    Statutory holiday calculations for Alberta business operating as continuous operations patched; Holiday falling in a weekend does not move to next business day

    29 Sep 2017

  • T4 / RL1 Slip password protected

    Emailed compliance documents to employees from TaxSlips password protected. Password is a combination of digits from employee SIN + year of birth. 

    21 Feb 2017

  • French Stub released

    French stub option available for employees in Quebec. Set stub language from Settings>General. 

    02 Aug 2016

  • UI fine tuned

    UI has been fine tuned. We are hoping to provide a better experience without much relearning by rearranging the main menu into new categories and removing nesting for sub menus. Forms and reports are also updated; A bit cleaner, separated, and buttons nesting removed for easier access. 

    01 Aug 2016

  • Employee selection for Payroll

    Optional employee selection added in data entry panel for payroll. If enabled, buttons only apply to selected employees. Access from Settings>General.

    15 Apr 2016

  • Calendars separated for multiple pay periods on dashboard

    Option added to view multiple pay periods separately on company dashboard calendar for direct deposit deadlines.

    02 Nov 2015

  • Option added for Payment Date alert

    For payment dates that are different than payroll end date, added option to receive alerts for submitting payroll deadlines.

    15 Oct 2015