• T4 Summary XML 2021 released

    T4 Summary XML updated to 2021 format.

    27 Jan 2021

  • Statutory Holiday new option

    If the province of employment & residence are different, option added to select which province will be used for calculation.

    29 Jul 2020

  • July 2020 Tax Tables update

    1 July 2020 Tax Tables updates released:

    - CRA Tax Tables

    - Yukon TD1 [Prov]

    25 Jun 2020

  • Covid Temporary Wage Subsidy rules

    02 Apr 2020

  • B.C Statutory Holiday eligibility

    Employee eligibility to qualify for statutory holiday compensation is now recommended by the system

    06 Feb 2020

  • T4 Slip adjustment update

    T4 Slips form can now be adjusted directly without changing the underlying payroll data. New employees can also be added only for T4 reporting. 

    23 Dec 2019

  • Alberta revises Statutory Holiday rules

    New Statutory Holidays for AB have been implemented in SimplePay. The system will also auto determine employee eligibility for statutory pay.

    18 Nov 2019

  • British Columbia introduces EHT Tax

    For companies operating in BC province, EHT Tax module is now available. If this applies to you, please follow the guide and set it up as soon as possible to remain compliant with the payments.

    View guide

    14 Jun 2019

  • Record of Employment update

    ROE Section 17 - C: When reporting a type of Other Monies now does not require additional information. That is now optional.

    28 Jun 2018

  • ON Statutory Holiday update rolled back

    Ontario statutory holiday rules updated a few weeks ago have been rolled back to previous calculation. Update now available in SimplePay and applies from 1 July.

    27 Jun 2018