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  • TD1 updated to 2022

    TD1 and other compliance updated to 2022 tax tables. 

    30 Dec 2021

  • New Tax Tables for 2022 released

    New Tax Tables for 2022 released.

    27 Dec 2021

  • T4 Summary XML 2021 released

    T4 Summary XML updated to 2021 format.

    27 Jan 2021

  • Statutory Holiday -New option

    If the province of employment & residence are different for an employee, option added to select which province will be used for calculating statutory holiday pay..

    29 Jul 2020

  • July 2020 Tax Tables update

    1 July 2020 Tax Tables updates released:

    - CRA Tax Tables

    - Yukon TD1 [Prov]

    25 Jun 2020

  • B.C Statutory Holiday eligibility

    Employee eligibility to qualify for statutory holiday is now recommended by the system.

    06 Feb 2020

  • T4 Slip adjustment update

    T4 Slips form can now be adjusted directly without changing the underlying payroll data. New employees can also be added only for T4 reporting. 

    23 Dec 2019

  • Alberta revises Statutory Holiday rules

    New Statutory Holidays for AB have been implemented in SimplePay. The system will also auto determine employee eligibility for statutory pay.

    18 Nov 2019

  • British Columbia introduces EHT Tax

    For companies operating in BC province, EHT Tax module is now available. 

    View guide

    14 Jun 2019

  • Record of Employment update

    ROE Section 17 - C: When reporting a type of Other Monies now does not require additional information. That is now optional.

    28 Jun 2018