• ON minimum wage $11 from June 1

    Ontario minimum wage increases effective 1 June 2014:

    Minimum Wage Rate

    Effective June 1, 2014

    General Minimum Wage

    $11.00 per hour

    Student Minimum Wage

    $10.30 per hour

    Liquor Servers Minimum Wage

    $9.55 per hour

    Hunting and Fishing Guides
    Minimum Wage

    Rate for working less than five consecutive hours in a day

    Rate for working five or more hours in a day whether or not the hours are consecutive

    Homeworkers Wage

    $12.10 per hour

    Visit ON Ministry of Labour for full details

    03 Jun 2014

    on, wage


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    Albertcresy - google on November 24th, 2018 11:27 pm

    "related storiesTAKE YOUR PICKEFL nominations revealed with Chris Wood, Dwight Gayle and Anthony Knoc."\r\nnew balance 574 vs 500 http://www.itshopvip.top/D-new-balance-574-vs-500.html

    new balance 574 vs 500 - new balance 574 vs 500 on November 24th, 2018 11:58 pm

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