• Record of Employment

    What is a Record of Employment (ROE)

    ROE is a form for employers, which can be completed on paper or electronically, that must be completed for employees receiving insurable earnings who quit, are terminated or stop working. Service Canada uses the information on the ROE to determine whether a person qualifies for EI benefits. Therefore ROE is the most important document for Employment insurance (EI) benefits because from it is determined whether a person is eligible for receiving EI benefits.


    When to Request an ROE

    When an employee:

    • Stop working or quits his/her job.                            
    • Is terminated.                               
    • Since last 52 weeks or since the last ROE, or he/ she anticipated to have seven (7) consecutive days without both work and insurable earnings from the employer. 

    An interruption of earnings can also occur when:                             

    • The wages falls below 60% of normal weekly earnings due to illness, injury, pregnancy or any other serious problem or the person need as a parent to take care for either newly born or adopted children, or the need to provide care or support to a family member who is gravely ill with a significant risk of death.   

    ROE Web

    ROE web was introduced by Service Canada to make the process of ROE submission efficient, secure and simple. You can not only create, print or submit but you can also amend the submission. There are three ways to submit ROE electronically

    • You can easily submit it through ROE Web by using SimplePay online payroll software solution.                             
    • You can submit ROE Web Manually.
    • You can go the Web ROE website and fill out the form.

    ROE Web in SimplePay


    Self submit

    SimplePay generates your XML files and you have to submit it by yourself.

    Submission by SimplePay

    SimplePay submit Web ROE on your behalf 

    ROE Paper

    ROE paper is a single form which has three copies of it. You have to complete it and then send it to Service Canada, one to your employee and other one for your own record


    Deadline for Issuing an ROE

    • If you are issuing ROE electronically then you have up to 5 calendar days after your pay period is closed                               
    • If you are issuing ROE on paper then you have to issue ROE within 5 calendar days after your first day of interruption of earning or your employer came to know an interruption of earning.

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