• CRA Tax Tables Jan 2019 updated

    CRA has released Tax Tables for Jan 2019. The updates are now available in SimplePay and will apply to pay periods with 1 July date.

    02 Jan 2019

  • Account Activation and Cancel revamped

    Activating account redesigned with penny test, and online PAD digital signature option. Cancelling an account no longer requires downloading a form and emailing. Fill online, sign digitally, and opt for permanently deleting your data.

    02 Jul 2018

  • Record of Employment update

    ROE Section 17 - C: When reporting a type of Other Monies now does not require additional information. That is now optional.

    28 Jun 2018

  • ON Statutory Holiday update rolled back

    Ontario statutory holiday rules updated a few weeks ago have been rolled back to previous calculation. Update now available in SimplePay and applies from 1 July.

    27 Jun 2018

  • CRA Tax Tables July 2018 updated

    CRA has released Tax Tables for July 2018. The updates are now available in SimplePay and will apply to pay periods with 1 July date.

    25 Jun 2018

  • New HRMS + Timesheet addon: HRWize

    From Quebec, HRWize is a cloud HR solution made Simple, Scalable, and Secure. In addition, HRWize features employee timesheet and expense management. SimplePay imports employees data and  payroll ready timesheet. 

    14 May 2018

  • Revenu Quebec Web Services XML integration released

    XML Web Services integration from Revenu Quebec allows SimplePay users to file year end [Annual]  RL1 Slip and RL1 Summary with a click of a button and offers an additional option to filing via XML file uploading.

    12 Apr 2018

  • ON Statutory Holiday rules updated

    Ontario statutory holiday rules have been updated by the provincial government and released today in SimplePay. Generally, the new rules will result in higher earnings for employees.

    26 Mar 2018

  • Interface to manage employee import / export between Addons

    In all Timesheet Addons that import data for employees into SimplePay, the only way to activate each employee is to import / export from one system to the other. This creates a problem when the employees exist in both systems at time of connecting the addons. 
    This interface manages dis / connecting employees between addons without requiring employee import / export

    05 Feb 2018

  • EHT Exemption

    Employee EHT exemption added in Employee>Salary Profile

    30 Jan 2018