• Interface to manage employee import / export between Addons

    In all Timesheet Addons that import data for employees into SimplePay, the only way to activate each employee is to import / export from one system to the other. This creates a problem when the employees exist in both systems at time of connecting the addons. 
    This interface manages dis / connecting employees between addons without requiring employee import / export

    05 Feb 2018

  • EHT Exemption

    Employee EHT exemption added in Employee>Salary Profile

    30 Jan 2018

  • AB Statutory holiday update

    New statutory holiday rules released for Alberta

    25 Jan 2018

  • New Addon: Easy Clocking

    Easy Clocking is a leading employee scheduling and time attendance solution with integrated time clocks
    To see what the 2 systems do together, review the guide

    02 Jan 2018

  • 2018 Tax Tables released

    Choose 2018 from Year drop down on the dashboard. Please note you have access to up to 7 years of payroll history from this selection

    28 Dec 2017

  • QuickBooks online integration updated

    Export payroll journal grouped by department option added 

    15 Dec 2017

  • Time & Attendance Addon: Toggl

    Toggl time tracking addon is now available under Addons>Time & Scheduling. Toggle is free for upto 5 employees. 
    For details on what the 2 systems do together, view the guide 

    03 Nov 2017

  • When I Work integration update

    Employees with multiple pay rates in When I Work exported with gross calculated in SimplePay

    30 Oct 2017

  • Password added to emailed pay stubs

    Optional password added to emailed stubs. Set it up from Settings-General menu under Stub panel

    10 Oct 2017

  • AB Statutory Holiday patch

    Statutory holiday calculations for Alberta business operating as continuous operations patched; Holiday falling in a weekend does not move to next business day

    29 Sep 2017