• T4 / RL1 Slip password protected

    Emailed compliance documents to employees from TaxSlips password protected. Password is a combination of digits from employee SIN + year of birth. 

    21 Feb 2017

  • ShiftPlannig updated to Humanity

    Employee scheduling and time attendance Addon ShiftPlanning has been updated and replaced with the new version Humanity. Humanity exports payroll ready time sheet to SimplePay.

    07 Feb 2017

  • 2017 Tax Tables

    2017 Tax Tables available. To use, select year 2017 from company dashboard. Please note that any 2016 payroll with a payment date in 2017 will use 2017 tax tables. 

    29 Dec 2016

  • TaxSlips Addon released

    New Addon for year end compliance replaces SimplePay T4 / RL1. TaxSlips makes it easy to make adjustments without changing underlying payroll data, and manage under / over tax payments, TaxSlips can also be used as a standalone filing app for businesses not using SimplePay.

    23 Dec 2016

  • EHT rules updated

    New EHT rules for companies in ON can now include employees working for them outside ON. Changes apply to all calculations since Jan 2016.

    22 Aug 2016

  • French Stub released

    French stub option available for employees in Quebec. Set stub language from Settings>General. 

    02 Aug 2016

  • UI fine tuned

    UI has been fine tuned. We are hoping to provide a better experience without much relearning by rearranging the main menu into new categories and removing nesting for sub menus. Forms and reports are also updated; A bit cleaner, separated, and buttons nesting removed for easier access. 

    01 Aug 2016

  • Namely integration released

    Namely is the first HR platform that employees actually love to use. Namely is powerful, easy-to-use technology that allows mid-sized companies to handle all of their HR, payroll, benefits, and talent management in one place. Import / export employee between SimplePay and Namely, and keep them synced. 

    27 Apr 2016

  • Employee selection for Payroll

    Optional employee selection added in data entry panel for payroll. If enabled, buttons only apply to selected employees. Access from Settings>General.

    15 Apr 2016

  • ROE reporting updated

    ROE reporting to Service Canada updated to new rules. 

    31 Mar 2016