• Payroll Reports

    Multiple Reports in SimplePay

    Payroll Report

    Analyze payroll details for a company or an employee with the various options such as:

    • For single pay period
    • Pay periods within a date range
    • Individual employee
    • Summary of all payroll within a date range for single or all employees
    • Summary or details per payment method (cheque or direct deposit)

    Earning Report

    Print stubs of paid periods, for an individual (or all) employees as done in Payroll page.

    Employee Payroll Report

    This is payroll report for a single employee, with multiple filters to analyze payroll data.

    Employee Setup Report

    View employee data details as entered in the Employee Setup page.

    EHT Report

    View EHT remittance details as per company remittance schedule.

    Remittance Summary Report

    View Payroll remittance details as per company remittance schedule.

    Special Earning/Deduction Report

    View earnings/deductions/reimbursements given to each employee for a pay period, or all pay periods within a date range.

    Time Sheet Report

    View details of time sheet data for each employee (or all) for a pay period (or within a date range) with the following additional filters:
    • different hour types
    • paid status
    • entry by administrator or employee

    Vacation Pay Report

    View vacation pay total for single (or all) employee(s)

    Commission Report

    View details per period or view yearly (or within a date range) totals for commission given to employees.

    Employee Salary Profile Report

    View salary profile details for employees as entered in the Salary Profile page.

    ROE Report

    View ROE data for an employee: insurable hours and insurable earnings details.

    T4 Slip Report

    View T4 Slip data for all employees. Click on employee name to open T4 page, which includes printing options.

    Statutory Holiday Report

    View details of statutory holiday pay due and paid amount for all Employees

    • per pay period
    • per Province
    • per Holiday (or all holidays)
    • with date range

    View Log Report

    View details of users who have used SimplePay.

    WSIB Report

    View WSIB remittance details as per company remittance schedule.