• Support

    Support in SimplePay

    SimplePay  provides help to its users in following ways  

     1. FAQ's

    FAQ's cover all the questions and queries, a user can have while using the SimplePay about functionality and usability. 

    2. Bubble Help

    Bubble help gives user contextual help graphically on each page where it is required, explaining all the fields and functionality.  

    3. Live Support

    SimplePay gives its users live chat support to our support person so any problems and queries can be asked and get resolved in time. 

    4. Green notes

    Green notes are available along with fields which needs to be explained as followings

    • Why a button is disabled
    • Complex calculations
    • Mandatory fields
    • Button functionality etc.  

    5. Background colors    

    Background colors have been used to differentiate the scenarios for example

    • Terminated employees have green background
    • In ROE there are different colors each explaining the status of employee Roe's current status
    • In some reports color have been used to segregate similar data from others
    • Yellow color has been used in payroll page to show why employee's payroll cannot be processed  that is.
                   a.  If timesheet has not been submitted for payroll
                   b.  Salary profile is missing