• Time Sheets

    Timesheet in SimplePay  

    SimplePay offers Timesheet data entry for employee's payroll calculation. You can define number of Headings and number of contents against each heading to fill your employee(s) Timesheet data entry.SimplePay offers two methods for Timesheet data entry. you can select any of the two  

    • Hours worked                                    
    • Time in and Time out    

    Hours worked

    Enter total hours worked against optional contents and headings, under Regular or Overtime hours 

    Time in and Time out  

    Enter Time in and time out for each job (contents and headings) and number of hours will be auto calculated     

    Validations are applied to prevent incorrect data entries.     

    Timesheet Import

    You can also import Timesheet data through import file, and can reduce the cost, time and resources.   

    Employee Access level 

    You can also create Employee's own access level, so he /she can enter his/her own Timesheet hours. Employee access level can only submit Timesheet hours, but cannot process them. All processing will be done by Admin or higher access levels   

    Timesheet Integrations

    SimplePay is seamlessly integrated to import Timesheet data from following applications

    1. FreshBooks
    2. ShiftPlanning