• Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

    Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

    Many people get work injuries or suffer from work place accidents. To receive benefits from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), it is important to understand that what are those benefits and how to claim those benefits. Workplace Safety and Insurance Boards across Canada provide two types of occupational disabilities benefits

    •         Long Term
    •         Short Term

    Short Term Disability Benefits

    These types of benefits are payable by Workplace Safety and Insurance board Canada for a disability resulting from workplace injuries or illnesses for a short term.


    Long Term Disability Benefits

    Your employee booklet will outline whether your employer provides coverage for WSIB or not. If your employer provides Long term benefits then you can claim for long term disability benefits if you become disabled due to a workplace injury or illness.

    Workers Compensation 

    Following list is updated jurisdiction / province wise in Canada for maximum assessable earnings subject to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Regulations in Canada.

    Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)

    Maximum Assessable Earnings Subject to (WSIB) Regulations 2012 2013
    Alberta 86,70090200
    British Columbia 73700 75700
    Manitoba 104000 111000
    New Brunswick 58100 59500
    Newfoundland and Labrador 52885 54155
    Northwest Territories 82720 84200
    Nova Scotia 53900 54400
    Nunavut 82720 84200
    Ontario 81700 83200
    Prince Edward Island 49300 50000
    Quebec 66000 67500
    Saskatchewan 55000 55000
    Yukon 80024 82105

      Workplace Safety Insurance Board Ontario

    When to file WSIB

    WSIB claim should be filed immediately when you get injured or suffer from work related accident, such as falling off a ladder, slipping and falling on wet floor or ice, or experiencing sudden back pain after lifting or twisting something heavy etc.

     How to file WSIB

     First of all you have to tell your employer about your work place injury that means to notify health and safety representative and then get medical treatment right away.

    WSIB forms

    There are three WSIB forms which you may be needed to file WSIB claim for workplace and safety insurance board

    • WSIB form 6
    • WSIB form 7
    • WSIB form 8
    You claim benefits by signing the Form 7 which is Employer's Report of Injury/Disease, or you can fill out and sign the Form 6 which is Worker's Report of Injury/Disease. Make sure you read the Form 7 (Employer's Report) very carefully before signing, and that you agree with the details in the report. Your treating health care practitioner or doctor can also initiate a claim by submitting the Form 8 to the WSIB

    Time line for filling WSIB forms

    To get WSIB benefits you must file your claim no longer than six months if your claims are denied than you will get a letter from WSIB notifying you why your claim has been denied and you can also appeal against such a decision within 6 months