• Minimum wage rate in Canada

    Minimum Wage Rates in Canada

    The table below only shows the minimum wage rate of experienced adult workers for more categorical information you have to visit applicable Government agency. Ontario categorical information of different wage rate of different categories is also listed down in the matrix named Ontario minimum wage rate. But for all other province and territories one have to visit the appropriate department.  A link is provided under the required agency column to consult the relative department for each province and territory in Canada for minimum hourly wage rates. Wage rates per hours are in Canadian dollars.

    What is Minimum Wage

    Minimum wage is the lowest hourly, daily, weekly, bi weekly, semi monthly, monthly or yearly wage that an employer can pay an employee Most employees gets at least the minimum wage rate whether they are full-time, part-time or are paid an hourly rate, commission, single rate, flat rate or  regular salary.

     Canadian Minimum Wage Rate

    Province/Jurisdiction(min wage)

    Date Effective

    Wage rates per hour

    Required agency


    September 01 2012


    Alberta Employment and Immigration

    British Columbia

    May 01 2012


    B.C. Ministry of Labour


    October 01 2012


    Manitoba Labour

    New Brunswick 

    April 01 2012


    New Brunswick Employment Standards

    Newfoundland and Labrador 

    July 01 2010


    Labour Relations Agency

    Northwest Territories 

    April 01 2011


    Labour ministry Canada

    Nova Scotia

    April 01 2013


    Environment and Labour


    January 01 2011


    Labour ministry Canada


    31st March 2010


    Ministry of Labour

    Prince Edward Island 

    April 01 2012


    Community Services, Seniors and Labour


    May 01 2013


    Commission des normes du 


    December 01 2012


    Saskatchewan Labour


    April 01 2013


      Yukon Department of Community Services

    Minimum Wage Rate feature in SimplePay

    SimplePay provides minimum wage rate feature for all the provinces/ territories in Canada.

     Minimum Wage in Ontario

    In Ontario there are different categories and min wage rate for different categories is different for each category. These are the following categories as given below:

    General minimum wage rate

    This rate applies to almost all the employees called general min wage rate. 

    Student wage rate

    This rate applies to students only which are under the age of 18  and who work 28 hours a week or less when school is in session or work during a school break or in summer holidays. 

    Liquor workers wage 

    This hourly wage rate applies to employees who serve liquor directly to customers or guests as a regular part of their work in licensed areas. 

    Hunting and fishing guides wage

    The minimum wage for hunting and fishing guides is actually based on number blocks of time instead of by the hour. See the min wage rate matrix below for details on hunting and fishing guides wage rate 

    Home worker's min wage

    Home workers are employees who do paid work in their own homes. For example, answering phone calls, clothes stitching etc 

     students of any age (even those which are under the age of 18 years) who are employed as home workers must be paid the home worker's minimum wage.     



    For more information

    For more information on Minimum Wage Rate of each province you have to visit their website given at the top table in Required Agency column.