• Statutory Holiday Calculator

    Statutory Holiday Calculator in Simplepay

    SimplePay has integrated Statutory Holiday pay calculator for all the provinces and territories in Canada. Holiday pay features offered by SimplePay are as followings:  

    •  Public Holidays listings and alerts for all provinces and Territories  
    •  Holiday pay formula selection for all provinces and Territories  
    •  Holiday pay Eligibility / Ineligibility selection (auto / manual)  
    •  Holiday pay availability for all / selective employees  
    •  Holiday pay calculation with just one click  
    •  Auto Holiday pay with each pay period where exists or Manual Pay (Full / Partial), Running balance is also maintained    

    Statutory Holidays  

    Public Holiday Province/ territories
    New Year's Day   All
    Good Friday All
    Easter Monday All
    Victoria Day   All
    Canada Day All
    Labour day All
    Thanks giving day All
    Remembrance day All
    Christmas day All
    Boxing day All
    Bank Holiday Quebec
    Islander day Prince Edward Island
    Family day Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan
    Louis Riel Day Manitoba
    Heritage day Yukon
    National Aboriginal Day Northwest territories
    St. Jean Baptiste Day Quebec
    Nunavut Day Nunavut
    Civic Holiday All provinces except Quebec
    Discovery Day Yukon