• Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP)

    What is QPIP?

    From January 1, 2006, maternity, parental and adoption benefits for those persons who are living in province of Quebec are administered by the revenue Quebec. The Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) replaces similar benefits that Quebec residents now get under the Employment Insurance act. The QPIP is a plan in which employers and employees must have to contribute even if they are not receiving any benefits from QPIP. There is no age restriction imposed for QPIP.

    Quebec Revenue Ministry

    Effective from January 1, 2006, the Quebec Revenue Ministry became responsible for collecting QPIP. This will apply to the followings

    • Employers
    • Employees
    • Self-employed persons

    The rate of federal Employment Insurance for Quebec employees was reduced effective January 1, 2006, but the maximum EI insurable earnings remains unchanged, and the employer contribution rate will remain at 1.4 times the employee premiums which is same in case of Employment Insurance (EI).

    Self-employed persons in Quebec can also be eligible to take advantage of the Employment Insurance (EI) sickness and compassionate care benefits being offered by the Government of Canada to the self-employed.  

    Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) - Employee

    Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) 2012 2013
    Annual max. Insurable earnings 6600067500
    Annual Maximum Employee contribution 368.94 377.33
    Employee contribution rate 0.559% 0.559%

    Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) - Employer

    Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) 2012 2013
    Annual max. Insurable earnings 66000 67500
    Annual Maximum Employee contribution 516.12  527.85
    Employee contribution rate 0.782% 0.782%


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